Our Approach and Philosophy


Senior expertise

All our consultants have significant business experience – most to an executive level. In-depth knowledge of the industry, strong acumen, ability to manage critical issues will be at your service.


Focus on Chemicals and Plastics

Our focus is clear and solidly in line with our expertise and experience – providing industrial insights and services of global scope.


Cultural know-how

We provide extensive global experience.
Our understanding of company cultures extends to those in all major regions of the world.


Pragmatic solutions that work

Companies need individual solutions based on a keen understanding of situations that are specific to them. We develop tailored solutions to help our clients create and face disruption – leading them through transformation.


Hands-on, resultoriented

Success first comes from excellent analyses, then sharp execution. In our commitment to delivering pragmatic solutions to your critical issues, we are swift, oriented to the root-cause and driven by results.


10,000 Industry contacts

Our team has approx. 10,000 industry contacts in Chemicals and Polymers.


2,500 Database

We manage a database of approx. 2,500 companies.


1,000 strategic decision makers

We stay in touch with approx. 1,000 owner-managers, executives and investment professionals.


800 niche experts

We have a regular contact with approx. 800 known niche experts.


7 global footprint

We are present in 7 different locations in Europe and Asia to be close to our customers and M&A projects.

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