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“As a full-service consulting firm, we work together with our cutting-edge partners, providing the services you need every step of the way.”


“As a full-service consulting firm, we work together with our cutting-edge partners, providing the services you need every step of the way.”

CCD Partners - Consulting for Fine and Specialty Chemicals

Strategic consultants dedicated to delivering better corporate development in dynamic chemicals and materials markets.

M&A or other strategic development projects aiming to unlock and capture strategic value. 


Hoeppner Management & Consultant GmbH

Hoeppner Management & Consultant GmbH is an independent business consulting firm in the fields of management systems, environmental protection, and safety. Hoeppner is preferred partner of top companies in Germany, like Bayer, Boehringer, Covestro, Ford, Daimler, . . .


Ann Eva

Ann Eva advise your organization in driving an increase in profits through sustainability.
We provide you with sustainable science-based growth metrics enabling you to optimize your product portfolio, identify opportunities for market differentiation, product innovation in addition to mitigating business risks sustainably.


HI-Cube GmbH

HI-Cube is a start-up platform that promotes start-ups in the region of Hannover and southern Lower Saxony. Dynamic start-ups gain access to a large network with extensive know-how. 



Attorneys, Financial Auditors, Tax Consultants PartGmbB

Their clientele ranges from large to medium sized companies down to smaller associations and private individuals. They work closely with tax advisors, supporting and consulting them in complex matters of fact or law, as well as in the implementation of legal procedures. They offer multi-lingual capabilities to complement their wide range of specialized services from enterprises to private individuals.


novum! Werbemedien GmbH & Co. KG

This Hanoverian advertising agency plans and designs all visual aspects of companies and/or a brands. Their work is creatively filled with passion and trust. novum! Communication is a unit of novum! Werbemedien GmbH & Co. KG.


ahrens & grabenhorst architects, city planner BDA

This award-winning architectural office in the center of Hanover has been working with the city, its housing stock and their design for twenty years. Architects, engineers, designers, model builders, city planners, cultural scientists and historians cooperate in interdisciplinary expert teams to create award-winning results.


Legato GmbH

Digital Documentation and Contract Management

Legato GmbH supports companies from digitization to permanent due diligence by creating clear folder structures in combination with powerful search facilities, making it easy for users to store and find their most relevant documents.


Restaurant Handwerk

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